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Haida First Take Part In Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

Haida First Take Part In Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

        2016 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition attracted 2,500 exhibitors from 23 countries and regions to participate and the two exhibitions (Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition & Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology Exhibition) covered 19 exhibition halls, the area over 195,000 square meters. It’s the first time for Haida to join Lighting Exhibition, and our top sales in domestic and oversea department were sent to the exhibition which shows our most professional technology and service for each audience.
        At the scene, Haida provide buyers the most reliable LED industry testing equipment including Constant Temperature and Humidity Testing Equipment, Rain Spray Test Machine, Salt Spray Test Machine. All these three models are the necessary testing equipment for LED industry manufacturers before delivery. LED temperature and humidity chamber for testing the materials’ performance in different and test the performance of heat resistance, cold resistance, dry and wet resistance performance. LED rain test machine: to simulate test of rain spray for lamps, electrical components, auto parts and other products. LED salt spray corrosion testing machine: to test the corrosion resistance in the artificial salt spray conditions. 
        Haida take part in this exhibition for the first time and so glad to show our professional technology and services. Thanks for all support from our friends and customers. We will make better technical expertise and more humanized service for you.Looking forward to the next exhibition to gather with more friends.

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